Monday, July 27, 2009

24 Weeks

Six months...seriously? I can't believe I have been carrying this baby boy for six months. I would say time flies but it really hasn't? I know these next 14 weeks will fly by. YES I said 14 weeks....because I will deliver early (38 weeks or so) I only have 14 or so weeks left. When we count down by weeks I kinda start to freak out.

He is really kicking these days. He is kicking so hard that you can see his legs kick through my clothes. This is awesome to watch and let others watch

He has also seemed to find a very comfortable spot right above my bladder..nice

He still craves Taco Johns...hey I give him what he wants right?

The shots are going fine still....Nate just sticks me very early in the morning so I am not totally awake and aware of what is happening.ha

At my 6 months check up they said he weighed 1lb 9oz. Wow..almost 2 lbs. If I was to carry full term I would be scared of what he would weigh?

This past week I have really started to freak out b/c the nursery hasn't been touched. We have no baby bed, no crib bedding, NOTHING at all picked out. The painting will take some time and not to mention I am not supposed to help!!! It will be time to register this coming month and we have a lot to do. So, I have a list this week of what needs to be done. Nate graciously agreed to do whatever we need this week ( I think he is scared of me) to get us on track!

Also I have gained 16 lbs. Yes I thought it was waaayyy more than that but the doctor said I am right on track. I am not sure what I am on track to be...fat I guess?

Still no name..I know the suspense is killing everyone especially me. I told Nate that this week we are picking a name. People have been asking so they can get things ready for the shower...and I love love personalized gifts so I will for sure be giving them a name.

No picture this week....just imagine two weeks ago and bigger!


Amy said...

I have gained the same amount of weight too! I wanted to cry but she didn't seem concerned about it at all! blah!

this little boy likes to sit on my bladder too, fun stuff!!!

I am freaking out ab the baby's room too and we finally have it cleaned out, THAT IS IT! ARG!

Sweet Simplicity said...

You just stay on top of Nate and make him get it all done! haha!

Kim said...

Yay! 6 months! =)

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh- I can't wait to hear the name! And the nursery!

Jenny.Lee said...

I can't believe it's already been that long! The last 14 weeks are gonna fly by.

BTW I left something for you on my little blog!