Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still Go IT

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. I look a pregnant women and always think they are adorable. When I became pregnant I thought I would always find myself cute. Well you don't always feel that way. When your belly button becomes an outty and your boobs are quite as perky, not to mention the growing thighs and butt, you don't' always feel "cute"

I wouldn't trade this pregnancy for the world, but anytime you gain weight your self esteem seems to knock down a few notches.

Don't get me wrong...Nate tells me how gorgeous I am every single day and I eat it up. Strangers tell me I am so cute...I eat it up. However, there are those few people(mostly men) who make the comments " Man you sure are getting big " .
Sounds like a man doesnt it? I just smile and say.. Yes... the baby is growing everyday.
What I want to say is " Come on dumb ass, I am pregnant...of course I will not be getting any smaller"! I never let them bother me though because the only time gaining weight is ok is during pregnancy..and honestly I love eating what I want and sitting around not sucking my belly in

So this morning when I was on my morning run for sweet tea, I heard a whistle noise coming from beside me. I was in my car (so you can only see my face and chest) and was wondering what that sound was. I turned and there was a group of men pumping gas beside me and smiling ear to ear. (ok imagine 3 older construction works, some with teeth some not...I am not talking about Brad Pitt whistling here)

They were whistling at ME...ME?
I couldn't believe...I hadn't heard a whistle in so long that I wasn't sure what the sound even was.

I know they could only see my face and chest (which has doubled in size), but I hadn't been looked at by a group of men in 6 months ........and I gotta admit it made me smile. Now I know the minute I would have stepped out of the car they would have been embarrassed.

So for today....I held my head a little higher because knowing you are 6 months pregnant and Still Got It can make a women feel good.


Anonymous said...

LOL, love it. Glad to hear you still got it, girl. ;)

Jenny.Lee said...

Haha you definitely still got it!

d.a.r. said...

Love it!! That had to feel fantastic :)

Kim said...

You GO girl. You do still got it. =)

Amy said...

lol :)

That's What She Said said...

Of course you still got it!!

Mia got hit on at Wal-Mart when she was 8 months pregnant :) Guess some men like that! ha

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Glad you still got it girl! Now just WORK IT!

mrs.leah.maria said...

That is awesome! A week maker for sure!