Friday, September 18, 2009

32 Weeks and counting

* I know you probably checked this and thought..where is the giveaway?...well folks its coming. I just wanted to make it as perfect as I could get it and I am still on the look out for one more item. It will be my last giveaway before baby Tucker and want it to be a good one. So bare with Monday I should have the whole giveaway put together *

Now on to my 32 week post.

Remember this picture of my perfect manicured feet, tanned and looking fabulous.
Now welcome to 32 weeks of pregnancy and sitting at a desk all day dangling my feet.

Yes this is actual size. I have kankels...( you know, you can't tell I have ankels b/c of them being so swollen). If I am up and walking they dont' get so bad, but having a desk job makes them worse. I am trying to drink more water and keep them propped so I dont' look like this at the end of the day.

Along with kankels when I get hot my back now sweats. I can just feel the sweat rolling down my back. I know now what it feels like to be overweight...a lot overweight. I can't see to shave. One day I looked in the mirror and had fur on my legs. I am tired again. I want to hit the couch when I get home and snooze. Mood swings are back. I cry at even the good commercials. I also get outta breath when I get excited so while crying at commercials and excitement I start to hyperventilate. OH yeh..good stuff. My nose seems to be growing....along with everything else. And as well just put a bathroom at my desk.

I had my appointment yesterday and everything is looking GREAT!!! I couldn't be more thrilled. In the ultrasound he looks so big. His little legs are already jammed in my belly. The nurse said he weighted 4lbs 12 oz. Yes..still gonna deliver a toddler. As long as I keep getting great reports I dont mind what his size is...(although small head and shoulders would be great)

Be back to a good weekend!


Sweet Simplicity said...

I'm sorry you are swelling. I'm sure it can be painful!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Yay for a great appt! I still cry at funny things=) You're getting so close!=)

hopeful #1 said...

You poor thing. That has got the be painful too! Ugh!!!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Great post! I love when prego women tell the truth! So us non-pregos know what we'll be getting ourselves into.

Amy said...

yep, all that applies to me too! I found out today that baby has HAIR! SO cute!

and i agree, i am thinking of working in the bathroom, and i have been sweating too. booo!

oh and to answer your question, i have days when he doesn't move at much but he didn't move hardly at all the night before i went in, and that day i hadn't felt much either. uusually if anything, i feel some feet in my ribs but i wasn't even getting that!

Jennifer said...

32 weeks already!! Wow time is flying you must be so excited!!!

Jenny.Lee said...

I am so excited for you! It won't be long before your swollen feet are a thing of the past and you have a little bundle of joy!!!

Jin---'Wifey, Mama Mimi, Crazy' said...

Your feet look painfully tight!

Instead of snoozing on the couch after work, you will soon be snoozing on the couch with a chubby sweet smelling baby boy!

And soon after that you will be skinny again and running around with me and 4 kids!!!

And then the holidays will be here and we will be in the 'vine!'

But still, enjoy being pregnant! And all the miracles that come with it, like kankles....