Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

Of course my birthday ran for a week straight but the actual celebrations didn't start till Friday night....(well I did get my house cleaned and laundry done during the week so I count that as a treat). Friday was a casual night because I knew Saturday would be a long day. Nate and went to have pasta. I know you think this is not a big deal, but Nate hates pasta restaurants. So this was a treat for me....we stuck to the usual Pasta House Co. for dinner

Saturday( the actual bday) we woke up early and headed for Paducah Kentucky. After a quick bite to eat at Mccallisters Deli, we headed to shop. TJ Maxx, Babys r us, the mall and several other shops in between. By 6 O'clock we were starving or at least I was. We decided to take a stroll downtown by the river....and we sure were glad we did. WE found the most magnificent restaurants and shops. Cute little ice cream corners and antique shops galore. It was a great Bday

While in historic downtown Paducah I picked up my giveaway prize..so check back!
Sunday was another great day. My feet were tired but that didnt stop me. After church we headed out for the day. After all, we had a dog show to attend that our niece Kailee was showing her dog in.

Here is Kailee and her dog Cheese...Yep the dogs name is Cheese..like Velveeta people.

They did GREAT. And Cheese was the best looking Peacock anyone had every seen. I will just say nicely that we got screwed....he sooo should of won!!!

After fun at the fair my super duper husband Nate made dinner for all my family and his......lets all say it together..awwwww!

And of course we had my favorite dessert! CHEESECAKE. I took the left overs home and have eaten a piece every single day.

There is nothing better than family on your birthday...here are a couple snapshots of the fun had by the little ones


Amy said...

ha i love the name cheese! Too cute! happy birthday girl!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Looks like an awesome birthday to me. I must agree with Amy, I think Cheese is a pretty cool name.

Lindsey said...

What a great time!!!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Check out my blog tomorrow afternoon...I'm leaving you an award!