Tuesday, October 27, 2009

37.5 weeks and counting....who am I kidding I lost count weeks ago

A little over 37 weeks and the Dr. told me I was measuring big...I can only hope to be holding a very precious baby sometime next week?? HOPE HOPE!

My sides are like pin cushions. These shots twice a day are killing me, the needle hurts the meds hurts...wearing pants even irritates the injection site but my boss told me pants were mandatory at work. But there are no rules at home by gosh.

Getting off the couch is like running a marathon. Or outta bed for that matter.

Peeing is a chore, not routine or every so often, its a CHORE and I feel like I do it all day.

People say I look tired...check
Others ask if I am ready....check check

I am stocking up on hospital supplies, which still seems unreal that it will actually be me lying in that bed. I mean the belly should be enough clue but I can't get it through my head.

I plan on eating my weight in Halloween candy and the first person to tell me to stop better watch out.

I think my husband has a huge wake up call...this is a walk in the park for him and since he hasn't been reading up on the things lately, labor will hit him like a ton of bricks. ( I might laugh when he starts pacing)

My feet, well they aren't even mine and they hurt all the time.

And whoever gave me this double chin can have it back anytime. Seriously, who needs 2 chins?

Here are some pictures...I am sure you are wondering how I even stand up and dont' just fall forward, well my butt is back there and it has done its far share of growing too.


Anonymous said...

GREAT bump. Seriously, you look really good!!

That baby will be out before you know it. :)

Sweet Simplicity said...

Your belly bump is so cute!!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Seriously...your waist still looks small! Yah for Baby Tucker making his debut soon! Hope you get to feeling better.

Natalie said...

Everything you were typing I was just nodding my head ... yep, I remember that just a few short months ago! It's all worth it in the end, but seriously, the chin monster hasn't come back for my sencond chin yet either!

Jenny.Lee said...

You and your baby bump are adorable! Good luck convincing me otherwise! ;)

Mrs. Zachary Evans said...

Not much longer...can't wait to meet Tucker! Good luck!

Jin---'Wifey, Mama Mimi, Crazy' said...

I think it's funny to look back at the 'new' baby bump! To see the before and after is hilarious.

(I mean that in the nicest way possible. Don't punch me in the face.)

mrs.leah.maria said...

Don't worry, losing count is totally fine at this point. :)

You are doing great momma and the end IS in sight.

PS you look awesome!

Chelsea said...

CUTE! You are tiny and you look like you just have a ball in your shirt!!

Just stumbled upon your blog. I like it! Good luck in the next coming weeks!!

And you totally should eat as much Halloween candy as you feel like!

Lauren said...

where's the nursery pics? I'm dying to see! and you do look great?!