Thursday, October 22, 2009

Slump Day or Week

I have hit an all time low here at Day in the Hay. I can't seem to find the words or subjects to even write about. My personal life is going fabulous but just can't put it in to words on paper..or computer.
My doctors appointments are every week and Tucker seems to be growing and gaining ( I am measuring a week early). I have my last ultrasound next Thursday to see if this baby is huge or maybe its just me? I show no signs of dilation or thinning...come on body? I am going to start trying the old home remedies to get this body going, I want this baby soon. Any home remedies or old wife's tells you have heard that gets this baby moving?? Also I am not being a baby about getting Tucker here sooner b/c of my own good, its simply because of my blood clotting situation.
(The only reason I pursue the issue of showing signs is because I am scared to death to go into labor on this blood thinning meds).
I am enjoy my evenings at home resting and getting Tucker's room all together. I am enjoying time with Nate, our last of alone times and I just spend a marvelous weekend with my whole family. So why can't I think of anything to write...I blame it on the baby brain.

I promised you Tucker's room and soon you will see it. I wanted a couple people to see it in person first before I posted it on here.

So help me outta this slump..leave a comment, question or concern


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I heard that weeding your yard helps you go into labor although it may not be that time of year. Hmmm...a question for what was your biggest fear when you found out you were pregnant? All the people who blog and no one EVER touches on the PAIN of having the baby. That's one thing I'm very worried about (even though I'm not preggo). So what do you think?

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Hi, friend. Missed ya around these parts. I don't have any old wives tales. I'm not an old wife yet.

But, I"m just so excited for you to have Tucker soon... and I'm jazzed to see his room. =)