Friday, October 16, 2009

I shall return

I have been spotty lately on my blog, but I have baby brain and so much to do in so little time. My energy level has finally hit me and I did some organizing and rearranging. I guess you can say I am nesting a little. I will be back in blog world full fledged next week. I still have a nursery to show you and so many other things. I even will post of what I look like..a 36 weeks.

Yesterday I had my 36 weeks appointment. Everything is looking great and Tucker is doing just fine. He weighs 6lbs 3oz. He is growing fast. I am hoping for only a couple weeks left of my doctor loves me soooo much she will induce me early. Other wise Tucker might gain a pound a week and be a big one. One of the reasons I want her to take little Tucker is because I am now taking two shots a day in my belly. That is NOT fun. I am so sore around my belly for sticking myself the last 9 months. Oh well, it is all worth it. I am saying maybe a baby by the first week of November..I have nothing else going on?

36 weeks and counting
  • my feet are still huge during the day
  • my nose is huge all the time
  • my face has gained as much weight as my belly
  • I have 3 maternity shirts I better get creative with jewelry
  • I refuse to buy more maternity clothing
  • My energy level is falling fast.
  • I am outta breath just walking across the room
  • I am tired of working but will continue working until he arrives
  • My maternity leave will have me off ALL the holidays! yahh
  • I took the N1H1 shot and now I am scared of side effects...BUT my dr. really encouraged me to take it so I listened
  • I keep buying baby clothes that he doesnt need
  • While organizing, hubby said Tucker doesnt' care if the spices are in order so stop?

I am getting impatient......Hope to charm everyone more next week with exciting post

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My Husband's Watching TV... said...

How exciting! You could be holding Tucker in just a couple of weeks. Good luck with everything and thanks for your very positive comment! Us Bootheel (or top of the Bootheel)Girls gotta stick together!