Monday, October 12, 2009

The stuff Grandma didn't tell ya

Its time to get real....real with pregnancy that is. Here are some things I have noticed that nobody EVER told me. Your mom, sister or good friend warn you about things, but nothing quite like this before. Its always oh you will feel kicks, and you will cry and bond right from the start but what they should be telling is not that.

Your nose. It will get bigger as you reach your last month of pregnancy. So big that it looks wrong on your face, you have suddenly turned into a huge nose and nobody will admit it. And along with it growing will come bleeding. Every time you go to blow your nose blood will follow. Its classy

Everyone tells you how cute you look, you just gained in your belly. Not true! Those people are liars. If you just gain in your belly why are you cute little undies not fitting right? Why is your bra fitting like an A cup?

And speaking of bra...I would rather pay someone $20.00 everyday than wear a bra. Why? Well your boobs are now sitting on top of your belly so in order for you to have support your bra must DIG into your sides and back all hours of the day.

Shaving. I forgot I even grew hair in areas below my belly because I couldn't' see there. I had to ask my husband if I needed to shave my bikini line and he looked at me as if I was the woolly mammoth. I got the point quick. But not that it mattered because by the time I was done shaving I had to re-shower because you are all hot and sweaty from trying to reach all the areas. AND then you still didn't do a good job.

Your shoes are tight and snug after month 8 because your feet look like they belong to big foot and not you. And forget tying your shoes...after you leave the house in the morning and if they come untied...too bad, just go the whole day with one shoe untied because it isn't worth bending over at all.

Your back hurts...all the time. Well maybe not for everyone but it will hurt occasionally

Your sleep ends right when you get pregnant. It never gets better I hear either. When you have gained enough weight you can't ever ever get comfortable. And then don't' forget the pee breaks...b/c when you get comfortable its too late because you have to get up and pee. There are nights I kinda kick Nate getting back in bed or want to smother him with a pillow for a while as he enjoys a peaceful nights rest.

Its 45 degrees outside and you are sweating. After making dinner or vacuuming you feel like you have just ran a half marathon.

And just so you know...I WOULD NOT CHANGE ANY OF THESE THINGS FOR THE WORLD!!! It will be so worth it all in a couple weeks!!!!


Lindsey said...

Aw I love what you said at the end of the post, so cute!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Ah the joys of pregnancy! thanks for sharing the truth with all of us who have never been pregnant before. You are almost there!!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Thanks for the real story! I was just talking to hubs last night about how never really hear the bad stuff...some but not all. Good luck in the last few weeks!

Meredith said...

LOL! Oh, how I totally relate to this right now!

I've already told my husband that I'm now officially deeming grocery shopping as "exercise"! I get done and feel like I want to die!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I cannot believe it's almost time. And you do look adorable, btw.

Amy said...

yesl yes and yes! My nose is HUGE! i am so ready....let's get these babies out, lol!!!!