Monday, July 12, 2010

Food for thought

Ok maybe there is no food so to speak, but I will talk about it. And there is always a lot of thought.....

My dear friend Target. We have this love/hate..and not just regular hate but bitter hate relationship. You see I love to browse your store and look at your clothes, but really do I need to spend so much money every time I am in there!!! This weekend..trip to Target cost me 140.00. Today a trip to Target for ear drops (10.00) cost me 60.00. Is this necessary to have so many cute and adorable things ? And we can't just stop with adorable things, oh no you have to move Pizza Hut in there. I was in a hurry and on my lunch break and the pizza smelled GREAT! So there goes another 7.00. I will just drop off my paychecks on Friday and keep a running tab.

And speaking of Pizza hut. This baby weight that I was going to drop last month, the month before and for sure by the time Tucker was 6 months old. Its still there. Still lingering around my thighs, butt and don't forget the stomach area. What do I do? Buy baggy clothing. Isn't that what everyone does??

Tucker is 8 months today. Gosh where has time gone. We put away the bassinet (well months ago really), now the swing is gone, and the bouncer chair and we should rid the changing table too. Is my baby really not a baby any more. I mean yes he is a baby, but not a cuddle, snuggle, wants to do everything to please you baby.

This weekend is Nate's hometown picnic. The first of many for Tucker. This really only means nate will be busy all week and single mom mod is back in gear.

OH and the latest and greatest news. My boyfriend (Believe me Nate knows about him too...we have that kind of agreement) Jason Aldean is coming to our town. Whoop Whoop!!! Can't freakin frakin wait here ladies. I am super fruper excited!

(Don't think its weird that we have b/f or g/f's and are still happily married, really they are far fantasy's. You see if Jason Aldean or Brad Pitt or Bradley Cooper want to take me on a date, I have the rights from nate to go....and if Jessica Simpson wants to date Nate...more power to him! B/c come on ppl....neither of those will ever happen)


Anonymous said...

I have a boyfriend too. His name is John Mayer. ;)

Jenny.Lee said...

Haha my husband and I constantly joke about the other's gf/bf choices all the time! I love/hate Target too.. Darn that store!

Amy said...

I loooove yoour disclaimer at the bottom. i have many boyfriends-the male cast of grey's anatomy, bradly cooper? we might have to fight that one.

we have a friend who looks a lot like jason aldean. :)

and yes, our boys are growuing up too fast. im not sure about you but mine won't say still long enough to cuddle

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Is he coming to the rodeo? I know, I could easily spend $100 each trip to Target...that's why I rarely go there!