Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Never say Never

Its funny when you are pregnant with this little person, you have all these thoughts and plans and things you will NEVER do! I would dream and think about all the wonderful things that are getting ready to happen. I would think of my 2 months of maternity leave and how I would shop, sleep, cook supper and just be this domestic goddess. YEP, that never happened. I barely changed clothes from what I slept in on maternity leave and seriously girls, seriously have no idea when I even showered. I NEVER in my wildest dreams expected what I endured after Tucker was born. It was crazy how the plans in your head all change once reality sits in.

And speaking of saying never...never say never people. Seriously...listen to what your grandma says and never say never. I remember thinking I will NEVER let my child go around dirty or with puke on him. Oh it just grossed me out to see kids like this. Whelp, let me tell you ladies....crap happens! There are many of times Tucker is covered in dirt or spells of throw up and I just over look it. I try to wet wipe his throw up off his shirt or cover his dirt with a bib. Sometimes keeping them happy by not changing them is worth it.

I can always remember how I would NEVER bottle prop. I will want to always hold him and love him the whole time he eats. Last night on my way home from my grandmas, there sits Tucker in the backseat bottle propped.

I would NEVER EVER pop a movie in and let him sit and watch it while I had 15 minutes to myself. OH no, I am not that "kind" of mother. Besides, my kid wont watch TV. Wooo, wrong again. Baby Einstein is truly my soul mate these days. I get all giggly inside when I hear the music come on!

Tucker would always, always have great meals prepared by me. I want him to learn to eat great and be given plenty of vitamins and nutrients at each meal. YEP, I dont want to EVER feed my baby sugar, or any sweets till he reaches a certain age. The last couple of nights he has eaten Ravioli (hey, the commercial says full serving a veggies), sweet tea in his sippy cup and Vanilla cookies for dinner! I would NEVER give my baby sugar though...never

These are just the few examples of what I have learned as a mom. I never say never anymore, and when I dream for Tucker, I dream a little more realistic. You know, like he will play professional football for the Colts one day. (what, that so could happen)


The Pampered Mom said...

Love this post! It's SO true!

April said...

I agree! I love how honest you are!!!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Love this post!