Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Things Moms should know (Helpful Hints)

1. You will never find those cute shorts, socks or hat to match a shirt at 6:30 in the morning. My suggestion, clip all matching outfits together!!! When Tucker was small I bought tons of matching things, and when I would look for them you could never find them, try to clip them together and it is all right there.

2. Place toys or any object (nose syringe, toenail clippers) at your changing table to keep the baby entertained. Otherwise he/she will be scooting and moving everywhere and its impossible to get them dressed or even diaper the little people.

3. Have food in all places,.......purse, diaper bag, car, stroller ect. When you need a snack you NEED a snack right away.

4. I know not all moms will agree, but I kept all Tucker's bottles at room temperature. (so not the case with breast milk, I am talking formula babies)So I carried a bottle of water with me to make bottles in a flash. No warming up or keeping cold when you are on the road. When they are hungry and need a bottle fast. This made it easy to travel, shop and go out to eat. I didnt' have to go anywhere to warm it and he always had a bottle in seconds. (frustrated baby, means frustrated mom)

5. Always Always have the video camera, or camera laying out. This used to bug me because I hate clutter. But if you put the cameras away you will miss something important.

6. I got this from my friend (thanks Hannah) but I am glad I do it. I write on all presents Tucker receives. Well not all, but all the keepsakes. Piggy banks, books, stuffed animals, blankets, special outfits or anything you are going to keep. I take a magic marker and write who it was from and when. Ex: My grandma gave Tucker a cow piggy bank, so on the bottom I wrote it was from her and when she gave it to him. I think Tucker will enjoy this one day

6. Try to document everything. I write a letter to Tucker each month. I tell him what he has accomplished, trips taken, everything he eats, weight, etc. I will put these in a journal or book when he turns a year old. Then every year I will write him a letter to continue the journey. Baby books never had enough room for me so I thought a letter to him, letting him know how we are so blessed was a great idea.

7. Every month when I break out the video camera(b/c I do this at least once a month) when I first turn it on I always, ALWAYS tell his age. If he is crawling or doing something funny (b/c he is a little ham) I make sure and say "Tucker is 6 months old". I want to be able to look back and know exactly how old he was when these events where occurring.

8. I bought wipes the whole time I was pregnant. Every time I bought groceries I bought wipes or diapers( tape the receipt to the top). I didn't buy diapers or wipes for 6 months!!!! YES 6 months, close to 7 months actually. Also for my shower, my fabulous sister in laws wrote on the invitation anyone who brings diapers or wipes will be entered in a drawing for a give a way basket. I was soooos stocked up, and that is an awesome idea :)

There are more helpful hints stored in the brain of mine. I will recollect and hopefully add to this list soon. I owe alot of this knowledge to former moms, sister in laws and friends. BUT I am glad I did know and happy to pass it on. If you have helpful finds that I don't...please let me know!!!!


Jenny.Lee said...

These are all really good practical tips! You're a pro already! ;)

Thanks for your input on the wedding survey!

Amy said...

I agree with all of these esp #3. i do it too. he doesn't care!

Anonymous said...

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