Friday, July 23, 2010

Its friday!!!

I am not sure why this week has been so busy, which results in lack of blog post....but it seems summer time is always always crazy busy!

Wednesday was my baby brothers 21st bday, that means Saturday the Kyle-Dirnberger clan will be out in full force ( I am sending this as a warning to those who may cross our paths, it could be dangerous)

Tucker man may be allergic to milk??? would think we would have caught this before 8 months? Really? We aren't sure, but right now he is a soy baby. This may have been why he was such a pucker all the time, and this may be causing allergies. We will find out soon enough

I will be taking and uploading pictures from this week and many more weekends. Oh and I LOVE my new camera so the pictures should be great quality!

Its blazing HOT in southeast missouri! BLAZING I am telling you! So, I think today will be a pool day for me:)

Vacation is coming soon....I am in such a need for a vacation. It will probably be too hot to breathe and Tucker will probably HATE being away from home, but we are going to try Branson, MO.

Good weekend to ALL!!!!!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

It's blazing hot up in STL too! Have fun with the 21st, I'll tell my fam to watch out for you too!

Amy said...

It's too damn hot here, for sure! Im ready to run away to somewhere w/ a beach but that would require vacation time and money, lol.

How did you guys come to think he is allergic to milk? we are having some major issues with my kid and im trying to figure it out, post to come soon!!