Wednesday, June 1, 2011


1. I cut my hair off....shorter than its ever been. I wanted something easier in the mornings. It is literally NUTS at my house in the morning and I 15 minutes just to dry my hair wasn't cutting it. Do I like my Because I am not used to it, and its short. It will grow.

2. We opened the pool, the pool temperature is already 85. Thanks to Missouri weather its takes 1 day to warm up.

3. I have been spending LOTS and LOTS of time with my family who are all here under the same roof. Its so nice having everyone home over a long weekend/week.

4. This week will be a short week for me at work..woohoo.

5. Ever since I cut Tucker's hair I want to buzz it for some reason....weird. At first I didn't want it cut and now I want to buzz it off. Maybe because my hair is soooo short??

6. I gave up on cleaning and laundry. Its summer time and I will NEVER catch up nor will I care.

7. There are many things on my to-do list. The zoo, Grants Farm and water parks. That sounds real stressful right??

8. My Alma mater (Oran) is playing at State in baseball these next two days. I can't help but bleed a little blue for them. I have always been proud of where I went to school and I can't wait for my own to play on the same field one day!!!

9. I want my job to be seasonal. You know...only come to work when its raining or snowing.

10. Did i mention my hair is short!!!


Pammiej2002 said...

Isn't it odd how freaked we can get over our hair! Mine is shorter than it has ever been and I fret over it alot!

I am loving your plans for summer. Enjoy!!

hapi said...

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