Thursday, June 9, 2011

The truth about Summer

The truth about summer:

-Supper might not be ready until 9:00at night. And face it, its probably something frozen.
-Baseball, baseball, baseball.
-You count the pool and chlorine as your kids bath some nights. (ok more nights that you are going to admit)
-Sweet corn makes everyone happy at dinner time
-97 degree weather means lets all get together and bbq. I have no idea why?
-You will literally swim and float in water that you wouldn't let your dog in.
-Sweet ice tea, I make a jug a day.
-Your house chores and laundry are not near as important in summer as in winter.
-Everyone looks better, you know its true....nobody is as pale as a ghost anymore.
-Even your feet are happier...they finally get to breathe from those fluffy Ugg boots you wore all winter
-Vacation days!!!
-Summer fair and picnics.
-Speaking of can fry anything during summer: pickles, okra, and every vegetable that is healthy.
-BLT 9:30 on a Wednesday.

There are sooo many more truths about summer time....feel free to add yours on!!!


Ana Maria Nedelcu said...

Amy said...

isnt' that the truth? My house is a disaster!