Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cathcing up

Things have been busy here in the Hay. We have celebrated my birthday, visited the town fair, had bonfires and weeny roast, parades, football has started (and is sad), and I have been keeping my crock pot HOT.
Oh and yes my belly is growing growing. So time for a little catch up.

(Warning: if you are bored with my life stop reading now)

I believe I left off with my birthday. As with all my birthday, this one was no less than great. My boys and I watched football, ate wings, went to the county fair (twice), watched a parade and ate Chinese buffet all in 2 days. Yes it takes 2 days to celebrate my birthday....there is too much to do. Oh and lets not forget the cheesecake I ate, the gift cards and cash I received and my husband making my birthday morning with cookies and a Coke Zero. Cookies and a coke are better than flowers ANY day in my books.

Then we have been watching football and yelling at the TV 2 days a week at my house. The season hasn't looked good so far for the Colts, but I smell a turn around.

And me, well I have finally started growing growing. I mean yes I was showing before this, but within the last 3 weeks my belly is out stretching my clothes. Although, all my maternity pants I wore with Tucker are still big (nobody told me I was such a FATA**) and some of my regular shirts are still fitting. My weight  gain is way down from Tucker's weight gain and I would have to gain a lot of weight to catch up with what I gained with him (again nobody told me I was so fat). So I am proud of all that, although I know from here on out I will just be gaining and gaining.  I am really starting to fill little girl kick. I have been feeling it for quite some time but now she is giong to town, from what I can tell she doesn't sleep b/c I always feel her. (great right?). I am pretty sure we have a name. I love it, some people like it, and others look at me like I have grown an alien out of my ears. I wanted different. I have always liked different, and something that she will OWN and not have 10 other people in the class own too. So I will reveal that soon. :)
Other than that I am feeling ok. I am tired all the time but I dont' get time to rest b/c I have a toddler. My back just started hurting this week but I haven't started swelling thank goodness.
I am ordering her bedding tomorrow and the painting and transforming shall start soon as well. I will reveal all of that when its finished.
Oh and the shopping!! I am having so much fun shopping. And so far I have really been a bargain hunter :)

So that life here at in Hay,...preparing for baby, gearing up for Halloween and all things fall and trying to rest when I can. I will leave you with the cutest cowboy I have ever seen.......

We got Tucker's 2 year pictures taken a little early considering we will be busy in November. I have never seen anything more precious. The great Sheri @ Bella Bambino is the creator! We love her :) Ok and just because you begged here is one more

She quotes him as a heart breaker.....I think so :)


A. Faith Golden said...

Your little one is SO cute! Love that blonde hair and blue eyes! :) I totally agree with you that the Colts are doing some pretty bad work right now, but I'm hopeful that it will turn around! *fingers crossed* Congrats on the baby girl! :)

Amy said...

um, yeah!! heartbreaker is RIGHT! What a sweet picture. I need to get on that too....