Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its the MOST

Wonderful time of the year!!!

The kickoff to NFL Football is no joke at our house. We treat it like a holiday (as it should be) and I kinda wanted to take off work just to prepare for all the excitement!!!
Every year I make loaded nachos. These nachos have everything but cake on them and they are incredible. It just sets the mood. AND we all snuggle on the couch in COLTS blankets and eat our nachos ON the couch ( we never eat ON the couch at our house...always at the table so this is always a BIG deal).
Even though our teams aren't playing we still enjoy all the work up that comes with opening day. The pre-game starts at 6 and we folllow it all night until we crash hard!!!

Now as for Sunday...when these guys play (although he is hurt and wont

we usually open the windows, turn on a pot of chili and everybody is in game day jerseys!!! Lets just hope this baby girl likes football as much as we crazy people do.!!!!

who do you cheer for??


Allison said...

I lovvve football season! Sorry this weekend I hope to see your Colts lose cause I'm a Bengals fan! WhoDey!

Allison said...

I LOVE football season! This week im happy to see Manning out since Im a Bengals fan :) We are a team of rookies this year so not sure how great it will be but I still love them anyway!