Monday, September 12, 2011

The not so big one

We take birthdays VERY serious in my house. I get this tradition from my mom and grandparents because they NEVER missed a birthday and always through a party. So today as I celebrate my birthday (tooting my horn here) I am going to NOT take life so serious and enjoy the small things. I am not going to care about laundry or dusting or anything minor. I am going to relax at work, maybe shop on line. I am enjoying MY day :)
Since the age of 4, I have always celebrated my birthday at the Fair. It always falls during my birthday, I like to think they throw it just for me.  Its a week long event and has everything you ever wanted...including fried butter!! So yesterday my little family of 3 1/2 spent the day looking at the animals and taking it all in. Today we will spend the afternoon at the fair parade and Wednesday we got back to enjoy all the rides we can till we vomit!!! (kidding) I can't imagine a better way to spend my birthday :)

so here is to ME!!! And learning to count my blessings more and NOT count my laundry pile!
Oh and for a bday present from my husband...he surprised me at work with a coke zero and peanut butter cookies AND I get to pick out a new purse!!! He is the best!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Momma! Guess who gets to have the next birthdays? OUR KIDS! EEEK!

Lyryn said...

Happy birthday!!!