Monday, March 3, 2008

Dinner for two!

The weekend was fast for sure...but isn't it always. This weekend was filled with pampered chef partys ( I am having one soon), St. Denis home/school auctions/ and dinner for two!! Pampered chef party was fun as always...girls and food..what could be better!! The St. Denis acution is always a lot of fun. We purchased a weekend stay in Tunica and some sinful brownies!!! Goes for a great cause. Sunday we did our valentine's dinner. Nate had purchased a surprise dinner for me on Valentine's day at Hilltop creations in New Hamburg. It was a 5 course meal with all the wine and fancy tables. However, the ice storm hit that week and New Hamburg was out of power so it was rescheduled for this Sunday. It was wonderful!!! They treated us like kings and queens and the food was great. I recommend Hilltop to everyone!!! Today is off to the dentist...the one thing I dread the most!!! I am like a 3 year old at the dentist, so scared. But I will go and get it over with.
Anyways..I hope everyone enjoyed the warm weather this weekend...didn't hang around long enough for sure!!! I did get a lot done outside though. I hope the weather doesn't get too bad again, I am praying!! So ready for spring here!

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