Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter, Weaster

I am ready for sunshine!!! I am tired of all the rain and washing away of everything, I am actually ready to mow the yard and plant flowers. By then end of May I will be hating to mow,but right now I am ready!!! I could use a little bit warmer weather too, considering it is only supposed to be high of 50 on Easter Sunday. You can't wear cute Easter clothes if it is cold outside still. However this Easter my mom and little brother are headed down south to enjoy the warm weather and family time. They are going to celebrate Easter with my dad, brother, sister in law and the 2 kids. This just makes me depressed. I can't take off 3 or days from work to go with them so it leads to a depressing Easter :( Although, I will be taking some vacation days in April or May to head south to visit with them, so I just keep looking forward to that!! My family has always been so close to each other ( in distance and relationship) that I can't stand them living 9 hours away. But you have to do what you have to do to make a living.
This past weekend and week have been slow ones. I have been going through crates of my spring/summer clothes and putting up my winter clothes. I fiqure if I get out all short sleeve shirts then it has to get warmer right?? I have also been rehanging pictures in my house making room for my wedding pictures whenever they arrive
I am hosting a LiaSophia jewelry party Monday March 31st. If anyone is interested in anything just let me know. They have a website, catalog or just let me know and I will get you directions to my house!! The more the marrier!!
I hope everyone has a great Easter. I hope the bunny brings you whatever it is that you are wanting...which I guess this year he will bring me nothing . Until next time

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