Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This week there hasn't been much to blog about, but that isn't always a bad thing. Nate and I seem to always be busy or have something going on in the evening where we never just get to sit, relax and catch up on our day to day!! This week I was busy Monday night, he was busy Tuesday night but tonight we are taking a break and actually making dinner and relaxing before it gets busy again on Thursday. Nate is playing in the Kelly Alumni basketball tournament Thursday -Sunday so that will keep us entertained. Nothing like watching some older, out of shape boys try to hoop it up!! :) I will catch a break though on Saturday for some quality girl time and a little jewelry party!
I have also been staying busy getting the last of our house redone. When I met Nathan his whole house had a hunting theme. I am not opposed to hunting or the theme of it in our house at all, but something had to be done with every room having the same theme. So after the wedding we did our bedroom in reds/browns and golds. Turned out great. We also did our mater bathroom in red to match. I changed the spare bathroom to a crisp white and chocolate brown as well. The kitchen and living room where both left with the hunting theme until a couple weeks ago. I decided the living room was enough room for his hunting things so I changed the kitchen around. The living room and kitchen are painted a brownish/grey color so black and white were the colors I chose for the kitchen. I did black rugs, black and white table runners and curtains I did some accenting with lime green and yellow. It actually turned out looking pretty sharp, and Nate likes it even though he just knew it would turn out horrible!! The spare rooms will stay the same until we have children one, and Nate said no more can get expensive!!!
I will end this until I have something more exciting to write about!!

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Alaina said...

It all sounds really cute, especially the kitchen!

Oh...I added your link to my blog's sidebar. I hope you don't mind! Let me kow if you do and I will take it down.