Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The boat is a float

This weekend (since I was upset about all my family having a great time and not me) I decided that spending a little money at the gambling boat would do me some good. I love love to go to that boat, but I am tighter with my money than Nate. So of course we were there 2 hours and Nate had all his money spent. I was playing the tables so my money was lasting a bit longer. Needless to say we didn't win big and had a couple chances to break even but didn't. We didn't leave the boat till 3:15 that morning, which makes for a long Easter day. Easter just seemed like another day this year, I think without small kids running around it doesn't seem like Easter. There were no eggs hunted or no baskets full of candy. This week I am just hoping for warmer weather....it doesn't look too promising though. Here are a couple pics of my family down south for Easter in 80 degree weather!!!!

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