Friday, September 5, 2008

6 Random Facts about Myself

I have seen this on many other blog posts....I am not that random but I will try this:

1. I am addicted to white shirts. Any kind of white tee-shirt, dress shirt, sweat-shirt....anthing white. I have enough white shirts to wear for a month straight. I will buy a white shirt over any other thing and Hey they go with everything right?

2. The hotter the food the better. At our house everything is doused in hot sausce. When I say everything I literaly mean everything but sweets. We use it on pizza, turkey, burger--everything. Our space cabinet is mainly hot sauce and every year for christmas I get a stocking full of new and different sauces

3. I have a bad gag reflux. The means the sight, smell or taste of something not appealing to me makes me do the awful gag sound. It took Nate a while to believe me but after he insisted I try or smell headcheese I walked aroung doing the Hack--Gag sound for at least 30 minutes. Usually I can hold my self back from puking right there but the sound I make it bad enough. Imagine being in a restuarant and having something served that didn't just fit you and you make that horrible sound..yeah its bad

4. I check the doors in my house at least 3 times before I can finally go to bed. I lock them once, then go unlock them and lock them back...then usually I lay in bed and get up to go see if they are locked again. I know its stupid....obviously they are locked!!!!!! I do the same with my alarm by my bed...I check it once before I lay down to make sure its set and set to the right time..then I make sure again its set for A.M. then again to make sure its set. I do this with other things as well like the remote on the coffee table placed right, when I walk out the door in the mornings I always go back in to check to see if my straightener is turned off....I know..OCD could be in my blood

5. I worry....No like I really worry. It is so bad for my health and I know it is taking years off my life. Of course I worry about the obvious things like family, health, Nate and my friends but I really worry. For example today: The post man, who I know from my home town, came in the office to borrow our office phone before dropping off the mail...he told the lady/man on the phone that he left some mail at the post office and he needs it right away to deliever it. So what do I do...I WORRY that maybe some people wont get that all important bill or invitation....I worry the post man might be in trouble or have a bad now....I told you I worry...Anybody else do this?

6. I am a horrible nail biter. I usually always wear the acrilic nails all year long...I know they are horrible for you nails also but if u saw the way I bite mine you would encourage me to wear them all year long. This is the only way I wont bite them.....and I think it makes my hands look better. People say OH put hot sauce on them and you wont bite them...well see #2 on that one..and the clear nail polish I just eat right off too. Hey its nontoxic! So any other ideas

Ok I am tagging you to do this. I will list 6 people but I really want everyone to do this sooooo Aliana your are tagged, and Ashley, Teisha, Michele, Lindsey and Emily ( if you haven't done this). Oh and everyone else is tagged too but couldnt' list all of you.


Weeksie50 said...

Oh this post is to fun. It is a great way to get to know people.

I love white shirts too.

Happy Friday!


April said...

I am the same way with the alarm and doors, funny! (it is annoying to yourself though isnt it? ha)

Teisha said...

Oh Crap! I thought it was only 5 I shorted one! People are gonna think i'm really weird now...

April said...

It's ok Teisha we all already knew THAT fact about you ;)