Monday, September 22, 2008

St.Louis It Was

Our weekend getaway was to St. Louis, MO. After much conversation we went with ol faithful St.Louis. We had a great time!!! I didn't take pictures, well its hard when its just us too and we were in the moment and not the picture moment. So I will tell our story through other peoples pictures. Our first stop.....not one of Nathan's favorites at all.....was Kimmswick, MO. I have always loved eating at the Blue Owl and touring the great gift shops. I remebered though that it was usually always with the girls when I did this and I just assumed that Nathan would love it. Well, he enjoyed the food but not the atmosphere or the shopping so it was short trip.
Next stop was West County Mall. At this point Nathan was just being nice because it was our anniversary. He never was or is a shopper and he was just trying to make my day!!! Well, I didn't find anything??? NOTHING...that never happens but I appreciated Nate taking me. After all the shopping Nate could handle we headed downtown St.Louis. Nathan already had reservations for The Hilton downtown. What a suprise!!!! So we headed to check in. Little did I know he had reservations for dinner as well, so we hurried to get ready for the night. WE took one of these to romantic right?
I actually have never done the horse and carriage thing and it was a perfect evening!!!! Then my other suprise of the night was Nathan had made dinner reservations at the Millenium Restuarant. Well I had no idea what this was, but it is a restuarant on top of the Millenuim hotel in downtown St.Louis. This is like the 28th floor. It is a 5 star restuarant and the neat part of this place is while you eat the room is spinning slowly around and around so you can see the whole downtown of St.Louis. takes an hour or so to rotate around but the few during dinner is incrediable!!! We had a great time here and what a great suprise. Nathan and I were all dressed up and I could kick myself for not taking camera.

Sunday we stayed in bed late, ate breakfast at the hotel then hit one of our places for lunch and play.

Dave and Busters is one of our favorite places to enjoy a little playing time and lunch. We headed back early on Sunday to enjoy some Colts Football and to unpack and get ready for dreaded Monday. We had a great time over a our little stay and we will end our anniversary with dinner tonight and eating the top of our wedding cake!!!


Nicole said...

I'm glad you all had a great trip! Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary!

Have you finished 'Twilight' yet?

Sweet Simplicity said...

I hope it tastes good!
We are supposed to be getting a Dave and Buster's soon. I can't wait to take the hubs there. We went to Incredible Pizza for his last birthday. He and his friends got in to all kinds of trouble there--I can't imagine what they will do in an adult version with some drinks!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Are you reading Twilight?? I just finished the last book of the series. LOVED them all!
no package yet, but hopefully it will be waiting on me when I get home. Can't wait to open it!

Kim & Ryan said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comment. It meant a lot!

I went to school by St. Louis and your post makes me wanna take a trip to visit. It sounds like you had a fun time. I'm totally jealous about the dinner at the Millenium! Sounds fantastic!

Teisha said...

Aww..How amazing is that! Happy Anniversary!