Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday Funday

September is my favorite month for a lot of reason, My birthday (the 12th), My anniversary (the 22nd) and Sunday Funday!!!! For those of you who dont' know what my Sunday Funday consist of it is FOOTBALL....but not just any oh football-- THE COLTS! I grew up with 2 brothers and a dad so on Sunday's I had no choice but to jump right in with the nacho's and soda's and enjoy some good ol ruff football.

I grew being a fan of the 49ers. I was raised that way, we cheered for the 49ers in my house. When St.Louis go the rams some of the family jumped on the band wagon and became Ram Fans, I steered the other way was my first time I made a choice to be a fan of whoever I wanted. For some reason I became facinated with Peyton Manning. I had no idea that Peyton and I would become such loyal friends in the years to come. I grew attatched to him because he is an overall great person. He loves the game of football, he plays because he is passoinate about the game and not because of the fame it brings. I like his ways and I love his family! Therefore, I am a COLTS fan!!! I am not going to say I know everything about football but I know a lot....I am teaching my husband the game more and more. So on Sundays...I will be wearing the Manning jersey and cheering for the COLTS!

They let me down last night with a first lost...but we will get better! I hope to making a trip to watch them play very soon.....we might even do a football game instead of vegas for our 1st anniversary:)

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April said...

I dont know about the Colts, but I love love love me some football!! I am a Rams fan of course but they disappointed me this Sunday too! I was soooo upset. I couldnt believe it. We LOVE Sundays after Labor Day, you get to just lay around, be lazy, veg out and get loud......ahhhh, sounds great to me!