Friday, February 20, 2009

Beer, Wine and The Captain

This week has been hard, usually I am a 2 a day type blogging person, but this week has been diffucult.
Still no Macey, we have had many calls but you wouldn't believe the people that can get a Yellow Lab and a pit bull mixed up. No it hasnt' been that bad, but people really have no idea what a yellow lab looks like? But at least I got phone calls right.
Second, this week would have been the week that the first miscarriage baby would have been born. Never thought it would affect me the way it is but it is has.
My niece Kailee has been fighting the sickness the last couple of weeks and we need everyone to say a special prayer for her
My hair appt was fun, but I promise I didnt' do anything drastic to my hair. It looks the same as uaual..blonde and medium length( some of you were curious)
So, this is where the beer, wine or Captain Morgan come into effect. This week (I promise I am not an alcoholic but I am honest to all of you) alcohol was needed...very needed and I drank!!!! I need it!
So..when I come back Monday this blog will be nothing but happy thoughts and happy blogs. I will have pictures of fun times and you guys will be saying "Wow, that Kara...what fun she is" I know this blog entry is sappy, but coming Monday I am back to my happy business. Thanks for listening.


April said...

I hope you get out of this funk soon! I know it has been rough but hang in there, this to shall pass! And Captain Morgan is great for these times! lol
I will call you if I hear or see anything over the weekend!

Jennifer said...

Aww Kara you been through a rough few weeks, it's ok to be down. We know your great no matter what you blog about!

Mika said...

I know you are fun. Everybody has their down times. I'm sure you will get over this, and yes, the alcohol does help.

Hannah said...

I've been thinking about this month too. I knew what it meant to you, and I have wanted to ask you about it...but was worried about how it would make you feel. I'm so sorry everything's been so hard lately. Know that it WILL get better, and that I'm always here for you! Vegas is soon approaching!!! As is our girl weekend! Chin up. Everything is going to make a turn for the better!!!! Love you lots!

Jin said...

Oh, boy. I didn't remember that it would have been February. That must be very difficult. As if the miscarriage itself wasn't difficult enough. And all this with Macey...

I'm all for the drowning of sorrows! Have a good weekend!

I'll see you Sunday!

Lindsey said...

You def deserve a drink! Have a good weekend!

Sweet Simplicity said...

What a rough week! I'm so sorry about Macey and everything else.