Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Still Not Home

I was asked to post a picture of Macey just to remind everyone how sweet she was!! Here are a couple of her best poses :) She is still not home, I just wish I knew what happened to her. I could make peace with it if I knew what happened. If she is not alive and I knew it, at least I could come to peace. I have heard stories of people finding their dogs after weeks...so there is still hope! Here is a picture incase anyone in the area runs across her!

aint she pretty?

I will be back later with a survery!


Alaina said...

I hope she comes home soon!!

Also...you can tackle your car...I am going to try to do something each week to help me get going!

hopeful #1 said...

I'm newer to your blog and haven't had the chance to scan through all of your old posts, it's on my list of things to do... just haven't done it yet.

Anyway, this post made me burst into tears! She's not home! When did she leave? What happened??

I'm so sad for you and for your dog! I truly hope she makes it home! How long has it been!?!?!

Poor girl, I hope she's safe!

Lindsey said...

She is so pretty!!! My parents had a cat that ran away, and once she was gone a month they bought a new cat...the next day the old cat came home!
I bet she'll be home soon!=)

Mrs. Zachary Evans said...

Kara! I hope you find her, that is so sad! I wish we lived closer so we could help you keep a look out! Hope you find her soon!

Ashley said...

Fingers crossed! Come home Macey!

Ashley said...

Fingers crossed! Come home Macey!

Ashley said...

Fingers crossed! Come home Macey!

Mika said...

We ask you to help us find Macey,
our dear pet who is now lost.
We know that you placed animals on the earth for many reasons, including companionship for man (and woman).
We therefore ask you to help us find our lost companion,
and pray that You will keep her safe and protect her from harm until she is found.
We join our prayers with St. Francis, St. Anthony of Padua, and all the saints,and pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

~Shannon~ said...

I don't know if you live anywhere close to SC, but a few weeks back, I remember an SC cop picking up a dog that kinda looks like her at the mexican restaurant. I don't wanna get your hopes up and I don't know if you even live close, just thought I'd let ya know.