Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Valentine's Ya'll

This will be mine and Nate's 4th Valentines together. I can tell you every year where we were and what we did for gifts!
1st Year: I got Macey (who is still missing, we are thinking the worst) Macey was 8 weeks old and came running to me with a red rose in her mouth. tear tear We stayed home that night and made each other dinner.
2nd Year: Flowers and a card! This year we went out. Nothing real fancy but went out to eat just so I didn't have to clean up the kitchen!!!
3rd Year: We got an IPOD nano. We share it..he gets it 20% and me 80% (thats sharing right?) We love makes us dance like crazy fools around the house! This year same story...we grilled and drank wine at the house!
4th Year: We decided not to get any gifts ( the budget), we dont need anything! We always get cards for each other and this year his National Wild Turkey Federation Banquet is that night. Now, dont be jealous!!! If anyone has a husband who likes to hunts more than life, you will understand how important these banquets are. I am ok with it b/c we are going with good friends and its all you can drink! There I said it, otherwise I would probally be pissed. Valentine's days might not always be filled with mussy romance, but they are mine and I enjoy them. I enjoy the small things and the little things. I enjoy that we stay in and cook instead of fighting crowds. I enjoy that Nate saves money on roses that will die in 3 days (they are pretty though) . I enjoy that we can be ourselves together.
So Happy Valentine's day to you and yours...I wish you love and romance.
p.s. Next week is the purse post..I haven't forgot


Alicia said...

I think that it is great that you have a great time no matter what you do, it doesn't have to be sappy romantic. Have a great time at the banquet!

Mika said...

I love staying in and cooking. Its the best!

Now, for the boots... Got them online at always give you the best deals. These boots are rarely on sale, but I found them for $165 (with tax and shipping). They are darling.
Happy VDAY!

Lindsey said...

Staying in is the best and how we usually spend VDay, but since it's right before our one year we went big this year.
Praying Macey comes home soon!!!

April said...

I think the Macey thing with the rose is soo cute! We are not going all out this year either, if anything due to us just having our 10 year anniversary a month ago. I really hope you find something out about Macey soon, I mean any news is better than no news at this point!!! I will keep you in my thoughts!

Kim & Ryan said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jenny.Lee said...

We plan on staying in this year and relaxing. Valentine's crowds are over-rated. ;) Happy Valentines' Day!

~Shannon~ said...

Hey, I don't know if you live anywhere close to SC, but I just though I'd let you know that a few weeks back....I saw an SC cop pick up a dog that looks like Macey at the mexican restaurant. Maybe check with them.