Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I may seem to be a little sporadic in the last couple of day but a lot has been going on I guess.....
  • We had a couple hits on finding Macey..nothing has been positive though. We have a couple more places to check for Macey and then the search will be over :(
  • My office has been full of energy lately....lots of jokes, and good girl time which leaves me to less time on my computer.
  • My grandpa was in the hospital but is getting released today.
  • Planning for our Vegas trip....we think we have the details all worked out
  • Making doctors appointments. I decided to "consult" with a can't hurt to hear what others thing about "baby making"
  • Planning girls weekends...I have had lots of girl time lately and I am really enjoying all of it so why not make more plans.
  • My whole family will be together this weekend for Liam's 2nd Bday..there is nothing quit like a KYLE get together
  • I am Catholic so we will be preparing for Ash Wednesday and Lent soon...I think I have decided what I am giving up for God this year...let me tell you it wont be easy!
  • I am getting my hair done tonight and plan on taking special beverages with me ( nothing is better than being able to drag alcohol to your hair dresser's) hopefully my hair will turn out OK after a couple beers.
  • I am not an alcoholic (the above might sound like it) I just enjoy the time I am having right now and my life can be stressful with everyone sick, work, my dog, and baby making.

I hope to be back tomorrow with a more exciting post!


Jenny.Lee said...

Vegas will be a blast. My husband and I need a vacation too. How did your hair appointment go?

Jennifer said...

I hope you find Macey soon!!

Like the above poster said, how was the hair appt?

Lindsey said...

Vegas sounds awesome!!!

Still praying for sweet Macey to come home soon!

April said...

So when do you meet with the specialist? Make sure and let us know!

Kim said...

I am holding out hope for Macey.

You have had a lot going on lately. I'm thinking of ya.

Are you in the St. Louis area? How did I not know that? I went to school in Edwardsville. Next time I go down there, we have to get together.

Sweet Simplicity said...

You gotta love girl time!

Alaina said...

Girl time never comes soon enough for me....

Alicia said...

Hope the hair appt was fun and relaxing!