Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Ramblings

  • - Electricity is still OFF at our house, it is really messing with me now! I know they are working hard blah blah blah, but my dishes are piled to the ceiling and my nerves are shot.
  • - Last night the husband and I had a liquid supper. Rum and Orange juice, listening to music, talking....we had to do something to take the edge off. (seriously no meal at all...just liquid)
  • - I like that the husband and I can still act like kids with no worries. We both had hard days so we can drink, talk, sing and act crazy together! Having fun is very important for relationships I believe.
  • -I haven't seen my dog in 2 days (she often goes to our neighbors where she has a dog house, food and water and they love her so we don't usually worry, we call it her second home) BUT its cold and I miss her like crazy! I worry something is wrong. You can't keep a farm dog chained up and I never will, but I am worried!Say a prayer for Macey dog!
  • -Is it weird to pray for a dog??
  • - My mom and My second mom( my great aunt) did all mine and hubby's laundry. They are too good to me, so everything is clean and one less stress off my shoulders when the power does come on.
  • - My sister in law's mother is in town from the state of Washington. We are having a mother/daughter wine night with both our moms and us on Sunday!!! How exciting! I love that we all get along so so well. We will veg out and drink!
  • - Both my nephews have birthdays this month, one will be 2 and one will be 5, and I have no idea what to get either one of them?
  • - I bought heart cookie cutters to make Hubby's heart shaped pancakes on Valentine's morning !!!! (target:dollar aisle)
  • - I have not went anywhere all week on my lunch....this is the best way to save money for the BUDGET!! I am so proud of myself!


Lindsey said...

LOL at the liquid meal! You guys are so fun!

Nicole said...

Oh no! Have you checked with your neighbors to see if Macey is there? Sweet Macey. I hope she is okay Kara.

And no, it is not weird to pray for a dog! They are part of the family too!

Nicole said...

We've got some great Aunts, don't we? They really do put the great in Great Aunt!

April said...

In reference to your comment, I think we MIGHT have came up with name for him last night!! It is just hard for us for some reason. Me and Kacie really like Simon and Dylan wanted to name him Domino or Dexter, so we might go with Dexter and call him Dex but I DONT KNOW!! I feel like such a bad owner! We werent planning on keeping him at first and just wanted to help him find a home but then he was sooo sweet!

As far as the baby thing......I would if I was rich and didnt have to worry about anything and could stay at home all the time with them!! You conveniently read over that didnt you!!?? LOL Maybe one day though, or at least Kacie isnt going to give up trying anytime soon! lol (i think the puppy distracted her with this subject for about uh.....3 days!! LOL

hopeful #1 said...

I think that it's normal as a pet owner to pray for you animals. I do too! :) You just don't want them to get harmed! :)

P.S. I tagged you on my blog!

Kim & Ryan said...

Great job on no eating out on lunch. That's so tough.

I hope you get power soon. And, I totally think it's normal to pray for the dog. I will be sending good doggy vibes your way. =)

Michele said...

Ahhh...thanks so much for the award! You are sweet. As for the dog, are you kidding? I have prayed over animals for years! I pray when I see a dog in the road, about to get run over. Or when I see a sign for a lost animal. I hope Macey comes back. You know, we pray to St. Anthony, who is the patron saint of lost things. I'm sure it would work for a lost animal.

Freckles Chick said...

Ahh liquid supper--I know these well =) You guys sound like such a fun couple! Factor in your love for your dog and I think we just might be BFF's!

Thank you for always dropping by my blog w/ such wonderful, kind comments =)

Freckles Chick said...

Oh and I'll be praying for Macey dog's safe return =(