Monday, August 3, 2009

Birthdays and Babies

Last weekend we had big birthdays to celebrate. First off, my nephew Cooper turned "1". I can't believe he isnt a baby "baby" time flies. Anyways, My creative sister in law through a fab birthday party as usual. Great color scheme!

Chocolate Brown and Teal color scheme! I love those was the center pieces.

Jin made his cake!
Big Brother Liam ...watching and MATCHING the party!

Big sister Kailee also watching and MATCHING the birthday party!

This weekend we celebrated babies. One of my high school friends is expecting a baby at the end of the month and we all gathered to celebrate.

Obviously we are the ones on the end. Hannah (my BFF) in the middle has a little angel already. I can't wait until our babies our here and just to think our kids will grow up together like we did! I love it.

And we think Hannah is blessing our children here??

All in all it was a productive weekend. Lots of friends and family and fun times!


Sweet Simplicity said...

Cute party! I love his little hat!

Jin said...

I love the picture of Hannah 'blessing' the babies! That's a keeper!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Great pics! I love those colors together.

Jenny.Lee said...

Great pics!

Kim said...

Awww... I love the last picture. Looks like a great weekend.