Friday, August 27, 2010

9 month check up

I have to keep my standards set high for my "Mother of the Year" award, so I was 3 weeks late (meaning Tucker is closer to 10 months than 9) for his 9 month check up. Everything we heard from the doctor looks great!!! Tucker is 22lbs (he slimmed down ALOT with all this walking) and he is 29 3/4 inches tall. WE are 76% in weight and height! They are impressed by his walking skills and he has 7 teeth and doing all kinds of jabbering.
Ever heard the saying" It takes 9 months to have a baby and 9 months to get over having a baby"?? YEP lets talk about that.
I have to admit this is somewhat true. I always thought at 4 months I would look like a model....then when that didn't' happen I just knew at 6 months I would be working out all the time, eating right and look like a model. Well shoot...that hasn't' happened at all. At 9 months I still don't have a model body, I eat what I want and I never work out. Unless laundry is working out??? But, I gained tons of weight with Tucker. I am telling you ladies I was a whale. I know I gained over 50-55 lbs. Yep, I was large and in charge. The best news after 9 months is I am happy with my weight now. I weigh about the same as I did before pregnancy. The worst part, my body will never be the same. I am FINALLY ok with never having my old body. I am ok with the wrinkled stomach, cellulite and all the beautiful stretch marks. I am ok with looking in the mirror and still feeling fat. YEP, totally ok with that. Why am I ok with it?? I got to the point where I was worrying about my body, weight, etc too much. I want to enjoy baby kisses and playing instead of wasting my energy worrying. And besides, Nate still love me ( I think??) I know we will have more kids one day and I swear I will loose all the weight after that.
YOu believe me right??


Jenny.Lee said...

You're beautiful no matter what!

Hannah said...

You look great,Momma!!! Let's face it. We love our kids, and we love our food. Who cares about anything else? Haha :)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Great job losing the weight! As long as you're happy and comfortable with yourself that's all that matters.

Amy said...

I agree, you look great. I am getting there too. The same weight i was before i was prego (but that wasn't good to start wtih lol) but coming to terms w/my stretch marks and flab