Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back burner....

Its funny when you have a child how much YOUR needs or anyone elses needs for that matter don't matter at all!
When Tucker is sick, I drop everything and tend to him constantly. Make sure he has plenty of fluids and whatever he wants/needs.
When others are sick I try to comfort, and constantly ask how they feel.
When momma is sick...nobody notices most of the time because we keep trucking and doing the things that HAVE to be done. Like feed a molar cutting one year old.

Lets start back in December. I went to the doctor for a sinsus infection. The ONLY reason I went in the first place is because Christmas was in 4 days and I wanted relieve to enjoy the holidays. I was issued antibiotics, took them and felt relieve for ONE day! After that I got worse. I ignored it for the most part. I asked for help with Tucker one day through this whole month of sickness but that was it. I thought "I have already been to the doctor so what else can they do?" Yesterday I was dizzy, unbalanced and my face and arm was going numb. I had NO idea what it could be because honestly I have felt bad for soooooooo long that I didn't know what feeling good was? So back to the doctor I go. Wondering what the heck is wrong with, you see because I thought I felt fine. Little did I know I had let a sinsus infection get so bad and I had ignored all the symptoms for months. So my ears, throat, nose, head and all the above were clogged behind believe. Did you know you could loose hearing or have permant damage if you let a sinsus infection last too long?? yeh me neither, but it can happen.

So I am on some strong drugs and for now the dizziness and numbness is gone.

The point: I have to learn to take care of me, sometimes moms deserve a sick day. I have to dig myself off the back burner and take care of me. We deserve the dishes cleaned for us. We deserve to lay on the couch and watch teen mom all night. We deserve to NOT do a load of laundry and by gosh we deserve a night off from supper. If I dont' take care of me then I wont be any good at taking care of others!!!


Hannah said...

I had NO idea you were so sick!!! Hope you get better FAST!! You do deserve all those things! We all do! You should let your BFF help you out sometime. We'd love a playdate with Tucker while you rested up and got better!!!! We love you :)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Get well lady!!!

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hdenam said...

This is so true! My mom had a bad cold. Took over the counter meds and finally it was so bad she went in. Her sinus infection was so bad that her ear drum was curved in and was being pulled up towards the sinus cavity. She lost hearing in that ear temporarily. After rounds of medicine she finally got better and recovered all her hearing back.

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