Monday, January 3, 2011


Welcome 2011!

Our new years eve was low key and that is ok with me. We actually never left the house until 8:30!

In 2011 I plan to do these things:
MAKE more time for ME! I feel sooo guilty being away from Tucker but it is good for both of us!
MAKE more time for my friends! I need girl time. I miss my friends and I need to see them more (and work on being a GREAT friend, not a good one but great..I fail at this sometimes)
MAKE more time for my husband, I push him off some (dont we all??)
Thats it. How easy can that be right??

This weekend I spend most of my time in pj's and took down all Christmas, cleaned house, caught up on laundry, reading and tv. Now I am motivated to tackle closets and our spare room. I feel like I need a clean slate for the new year and my house is the first place I am starting!

ON to more exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COLTS are in the playoffs!
Tucker was excited....we Love football! It hasn't been an easy road this year, but we are in the playoffs
Don't get me wrong...we were nervous!
BUT then we would score and we got excited again!
OMG what a game mom!!! We won!!!


Lyr said...

YAY!!! What fun! I like your resolution to make more time for you. I want to do that too. I think It's so nessasary!

Leah said...

I love your resolutions and the pictures! Oh the suspense! :)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

How big is he getting? He's adorable.

I'm forgiving you for being a Colt's fan. We're totally soaking in the fact that the Bear's aren't too embarrassing this year. That's a first. ;)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Enjoy your Colts!

Дарья said...

это все очень весело и прекрасно) молодцы_)))

Дарья said...