Monday, January 10, 2011

The gloom and doom

It seems like January and February are always gloom and doom months in Missouri. The holidays are over, family has returned, work is back to normal with NO holidays in sight, the weather is freezing and its back to cleaning, cooking and laundry. I try to make the best out of January but with the COLTS losing (gosh darn it) Saturday night in football now even football is coming to and end. So I believe I will take long bubble baths, read and consume enough wine to kill most animals! Really there is nothing else to do............

So how do you cope with the gloom days that lead up to spring time?
What do I do with my time?
I dont' want to reorganize or clean anymore than I already have....I dont' want to be stuck inside all the time. There really is nothing to shop for?, so whats a girl to do?


Hannah said...

Plan a girl's night out for us! DUH!!!!

Lyr said...

This was the hardest thing in the world for me to get use to. I think last year was the worst because I was home all the time and our winter was pretty bad, so we were stuck inside.

My suggestion, find a play group. Go to the mall and walk around. And just start new tasks for yourself. That's what worked for me. And then you will appreciate the spring SOOOO much more! I did. ;)