Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Testing my patients

Sometimes I test God, and all the time he tests me!!!!
This week Tucker has had fever and infections. I haven't got much sleep, I am tried and cranky and so is he. I catch myself saying "God, what did we do to deserve this". "Just please let him feel better"!
Then I shake my head and think "God, I am sorry this is NOTHING, compared to what others need of you". " I should thank you for Tucker and being as healthy as he is".

Does anyone else test the BIG guy? I mean whats a little fever...NOTHING compared to what it could be. What I consider lack of sleep might be a full rest to others who are worse off.

I have to remember to be thankful for Tucker, and my little family and ALL the glory that God gives to us. I have to remember to praise him, not ask questions because my problems are not problems at all...just part of being a mom.


Alicia said...

Hope Tucker gets to feeling better soon! BTW I love his birthday outfit so stinking cute! I know I am little delayed but I just now got back to blogging today after taking a blogging break after our little girl was born.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Hope Tucker gets to feeling better! @Alicia-how are you doing??? I miss reading your blog.

hdenam said...

First of I hope Tucker is doing well! :) It's hard as a mom to have a sick child that you can't snap your fingers and make them better! As for testing God. I think we've all been there. But as I get older I am more aware about my actions and thoughts towards Him! I try not to ask for to much, without praise going up. One night I was laying in bed praying. And that night my prayer list was longer than normal. And it came to me, I ask and ask and ask of God, but what do I do for Him in return. Since then I've try to keep myself in "check"

*ThE NoIsIeSt AbOvE aLL sILeNcE* said...

hey... hope he is fine in God's grace :))) u know reading your post actually made me think of problems and most of my problems ain't problems at all...

thanks so much :D

God bless and i pray for better health..

Amy said...

aw, momma, i hope your week got better and tucker too. It's hard when they don't feel good and it's hard on EVERYONE!