Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time to Play

Sometimes its funny how much your kids act like you........

For example...since Nate and I are sports loving fanatics....Tucker is a sports loving fanatic

Tucker would usually rather being playing ball (baseball, basketball, football) than anything else. AND most of the time his favorite channel is ESPN.

Like I have said love of sports all started from being around my brothers. I really had no choice. They would never watch Care bears over ESPN. (and when I was growing up there was usually only one, maybe 2 TVs in your home. Not like now where every room has a TV)

So Here's To Another "Holiday" of Sports. Here is To Opening DAY!!!! We can't wait to Teach Tucker the ropes of being a CARDINAL Fan. He is sooo excited about ball, he will love to watch them on TV.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Yah for Opening Day! I love all the hype-let's hope we bring home a winner!

Lyr said...

LOL, I know! I always look at Jesse when Jayden does and bad thing or is cranky and I say sorry hunny. It's all me!