Monday, March 21, 2011

sunshine days

This weekend was perfect! The perfect amount of friends....the perfect amount of family....the perfect amount of playtime and the perfect amount of sunshine! Although my house and laundry are crazy and out of order, that can wait. I am soaking up the time with my little family and pushing everything else to the side. After all, I want Tucker to remember the good times he will NEVER care how clean my house is right???
We played in the hay...and with the cows! Tucker's favorite thing EVER
We fished a little...caught nothing!

And we went Jeepin with the cousins

God...please send us more 75 degree weather and sunshine. After all everyone is happier!


Lyr said...

Oh, Jealous... I want that again! Looks like a great weekend!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Love that Bears shirt on him!

Anonymous said...

nice blog..

MommyBozant said...

All the other stuff will never matter in the end. I have even found myself buying new clothes at the end of a weekend because we have no clean ones. My kids won't remember that BUT they will enjoy the memories.