Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I caught the bug

I caught the " I wanna deep clean/throw things out/ and dig in corners of my home that I was scared of" BUG.

Monday and Tuesday I have been tearing through closets. First the spare bedroom. WOoohOO. Let me tell you I wasn't sure what was living in there. I tore through the closet and the whole room. Junk Junk Junk. I am pretty sure 1983 was still living in that room so I was clearing that era out.

Moving on to the master bedroom closet. Size 5 shoes. Really??? I was size 5 in 6th grade. Not sure where those have been hiding for years. Anyways...they are in the yard sale pile.

Next... my linen closet and Tucker's closet. Thank goodness Tucker is only 16 months old and can't possible have things from the 80s. BUT let me tell there is still a lot of "things" in his closet. Like baby blankets. It kills me to pack those things up. He is still a baby. I tried to swaddle him in a swaddling blanket the other day and we both belly laughed at that one. He thinks I am crazy most of the time anyways, so he wasn't shocked!

So I am getting things DONE this week!!!! I haven't actually dug down and spring cleaned yet (not sure I will) be decluttering is making me smile

Dear Lord help me when I reach the laundry room area...I might get lost and if I do please some find me. I will be somewhere between the 1998s and 1999s.

And JUST because he is the sweetest thing in the morning.....such a big boy NO wait baby!


laptop repair manual said...

good post thanks

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

He is a cutie and hopefully he won't have to wear that hat too much longer-come on spring! Great job on getting rid of all that "junk!"

Hannah said...

You are waaaay better than me this week! I haven't even spot cleaned like a usually do! I've been playing with Porter and running around instead! Go you!!

smevans1s said...

I hate to think of having to pack things up for Zoey and she's only 3 months old. I have a pile of her things in her room and they've been there for weeks. I'm pretty sure they are still there because I don't want to put them away!