Monday, May 19, 2008

Bitter Sweet

Bitter-Sweet!!!! Today is sweet b/c Nate, my family and I have been so busy since the first part of april (read blogs) and now the business has come to a slow down. Klayton's graduation was the last big event to attend or put together for the month of May. It was a great day. The graduation was sad and we all shed a few tears b/c he is the last of the Kyle's to graduate, but the after party was rewarding and fun. Lots of time visiting with family and close friends!
The bitter part comes b/c my brother, sister and law and their family had to travel back home today. A long 8 hour ride. I am sure the kids will be happy to see their own beds and get back in their own routine but we hate to see them go. The only thing keeping me from crying is I know in a month that my S.I.L and the kids will be moving home to live permentaly!!! Yahhh!!!! Then I can visit with them anytime I want:) I just love having all my family close and can't stand to be away from my niece and nephew(s). The second weekend in June that will all change when they are living here though. Here are some pics from when the kids were here :)

Kailee on her bday with her great skirt!

Liam at El T's eating lemons
This week leaves me getting caught up on my house work and just relaxing. I have never been so excited to head home after work and not have anythign on my schedule!!!! This long weekend we should have plenty of time to relax. We are going to try to open the pool b/c the weather should be warming up and finish are deck by the pool!!! I can't wait for the weather to be so hot that I just have to swim!

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