Monday, May 12, 2008

First Place!!!

We took FIRST place last week in the March of Dimes walk. Yes we made our goal and got first place in individual team and family team!!! It was such an honor having everyone there supporting my team and of course having Kailee herself there to walk and enjoy the day!!!! I was so exicted to reach my goal and take first place!!!!!woohoo Go Kailee's team! I will be making thank you cards to all who donated and helped with the walk. They will have a team picture on them and just a note to say thanks!!!!
Friday we celebrated Kailee's 4th birthday! This little girl has had a busy and fun week :) She got lots of cool stuff and celebrated with about 25 people!! It was a good and successful party. She got enough money to buy her a swing. Now not just any swing but a swing make ecspecialy for handicapped children. Yes this swing is around $400.00, but we wanted her to have it and she will! We are so excited she recieved enough money for the swing. She is a happy little girl when she is outside swinging and we will be doing a lot of that this summer for sure!!!
Saturday was busy with my sister in law graduating from SEMO. Oh how I can't wait till its my day one day, but that is another story and for sure a couple years a way!!! We had fun and enjoyed a nice dinner at Ray's afterwards.
Sunday we celebrates mother's day with all our moms and grandmas. It was a little cold outside so we celebrated it inside playing.

I have pictures of all these activities that I will post tomorrow b/c I forgot my camera.

This week I am visiting with my family. Jin and the kids are here for another week and I am taking as much baby time as I can for them!!! One day Nate and I are bringing the kids to our house so they can run and play on the farm. Liam is just the age to love that!! I am also making a scrapbook for my baby brother who graduates from highschool this week . I need the completed for the big party on Sunday. It will be nice to have ALL the family and friends here to celebrate the last ones graduation. I might even shed a couple years :( There was such a big age difference between my older brother, me and Klayton that we fill like we have half raised our little brother. I am excited for him but also a little sad:( This week also brings tee-ball games and maybe a little time for me to escape with my girl friends.

If anyone has extra time head over to my friend Alaina's page and check it out. She has tons of links for free coupons on her page that are very helpful

I will post pictures tomorrow so stay in tune....

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