Thursday, May 8, 2008

We reached our GOAL!!!!!

Today is the March of Dimes walk and we reached our goal of 2000.00 dollars!!! Actually we are about 6.00 dollars over our goal. I am so thankful for all the donations and excited to be turning in this much money to help our babies!!! It has been some work collecting all the money, but it is well worth it. I hope the weather holds off for us so we can acutally walk this year. Last year it stormed the whole afternoon and we weren't able to walk, but hopefully the rain will stop for us! I am so proud of myself and my team for helping raise this money. I know the March of Dimes chapter is excited for us too!! We might be eligiable for a prize or two also. Last year I got second in individual team raising money ($1000.00), so since we raised more money this year maybe "Kailee's Team" will get FIRST!!! I am only hoping for this and I will keep you updated on what we placed. Also they are giving away airfare for 2 for the most money raised!! While this is all so exciting I would have raised the money for no rewards!!! Its a great feeling to meet our goal and I am so happy for March of Dimes and our Team!! Go Kailee's Team!!!!!!
The rest of the week is crazy. I am taking a vacation day on Friday to hang out with my Sister in Law and the babies since they are home now. It was a short drive yesterday (3 hours) to bring them home to stay for a week and half!!! So tomorrow we will eat lunch, shop and spend the day playing with the kiddies. Then we celebrate my niece Kailee's 4th bday and graduations, birthdays and mothers day the rest of the weekend. It will be busy but well worth. Oh and Happy 81st Bday Grandma Dirnberger!!!!! Her bday is today and she is a great women worth a shout out!!
I wont be blogging until next monday so I hope everyone has a great weekend. And to all the mothers: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

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Alaina said...

I am glad you are enjoying the coupons! I love it and it gets me excited that I am saving money!

Good job on reaching your goal!