Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lets Start Summer

The summer really began this weekend for me. We opened our pool and got sunburns doing it so summer has begun. The long weekend was very nice. The wine trip was a lot of fun as to be expected, and the rest of the weekend we worked on our pool and deck and just spursing up around the house. I love a short week at work too!!!!! With all my house work done for the week it will be an enjoyable week.
OH and can't forget to shout out to the Oran Baseball team!!! Good luck Eagles. If anyone knows anything about Oran,they know we have had good luck and great athletes to always have a good baseball team. Baseball is something the whole town supports and we are just hoping for a State Championship this year. Of course being a baseball lover and a lifetime supporter of Oran baseball I will be making a trip to watch them play (maybe) in the state finals. If they win tomorrow to make it to the championship I will be heading to Springfield to hopefully watch them clinch the title!!!!So good luck Eagles....I need an excuse to get away for a day anyways!!!
This is last years team after winning Districts. My brother played last year as a junior but for some reason not his senior year...we didn't understand it either but we still will Support!!!!
P.S. Happy Birthday Alaina....25 isn't that bad...

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