Thursday, May 15, 2008

Congrats Klayton

Happy Graduation!!!!!!

Today is my last full day of work this week. I will be in the office tomorrow but for only a short time. All my family will be home tonight so I chose to take Friday off to make it a long weekend with the family!!! We will all be preparing for Klayton's graduation and graduation party on Sunday. His graduation was the last big event for this month besides a wedding. After this Sunday our lives will be back to normal again I believe...woohoo! I am very excited about getting time for me and Nathan back! For graduation I made him a scrapbook( just this week) from his senior year activities, I got him the doctor Suess Book " Oh the places you'll go" and $100.00 cash. The doctor Suess Book is supposed to be the number 1 best graduation gift for highschool, college or preschool. OH ironic!!
So Congrats Klayton!!! It seemed like yesterday he was still our little brother that followed us around, the one we used to babysit, the cotton top blue eyed little boy that looked up to me and my older brother. Now I realize he is all grown up :( and we can talk to him about adivse and since he is six foot tall we are doing the looking up. It will be a sad day for me since I am a very emotional person anyways, to know that he is an adult and not the little boy that I feel like I helped raised. My siblings and I have always been very close, but Klayton was different since he was quite a bit younger than Kraig and I. We always felt he was the child we helped raise. Well hats off to Klayton and we know you will be great in whatever you do! You amaze us with your loving, giving spirit and you carry so many strong traits that your future will be bright! Good luck!


Nicole said...

Love that you got him a Dr Suess book! Such a sweet post. I cannot believe he is going to graduate. He was just in diapers!

Anonymous said...

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