Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Kailee!!!

This picture was 2 years ago!!! Wow

Today is my niece Kailee's Bday!!! Gosh, she has grown up so fast. I know when we were small parents, grandparent, aunts, etc always told us "You are growing up so fast" but I didn't ever think anything of it until I watch the people around me grow up!!! I can remember the day Kailee was born like it was yesterday. I remember her first time coming home after she finally left St.Louis Chidren's Hospital. I remember many trips back to St. Louis Children's Hospital. I remember her moving away a couple time, Mississippi, LA, but now I will remember her moving back home so she can be raised with her cousins some day!!! She is such a special person to all of us, and she truely leaves a footprint on the heart of anyone she meets.

So, this Thursday is March of Dimes walk and of course its in honor of Kailee. Kailee will have a fun filled week with Walks, Bday Parties, Lunch Dates and visiting with her aunt KK :)

So Happy Birthday Kailee!!!!!!

Here she is now!!!

and other news:

Today I am working hard to get all my work done so tomorrow I can take a VACA day!!! Yahh!! We are traveling to Mississippi to meet my SIL and the kids to bring them to MIssouri. Then Thursday is the MARCH OF DIMES WALK!!! Its finally here :) I will try to blog on Friday to let everyone know how the walk went!

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