Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice, Ice, baby

This blog will be short, its just an update of the last couple of days:
This is my first day back at work since Monday, first day with a shower and first day with heat (by a generator). We will more than likely be out of power until Monday, if we are lucky, if not sometime next week. Hubby hooked a generator up Wednesday to run heat and some lights but no water. We have been showering where ever we can find water. Barns are caving in, trees are down everywhere and garages have fallen on cars (there are pictures to follow soon of all of this). If you live in the area you all KNOW what I am talking about. I am just praying for warmer weather. I love the look of the snow but it is such a hassle to not be able to cook or shower.
Here are a few things we have learned without power:
1. Drinking wine at noon on week days is fine considereing you have nothing else to do. Nothing better than being hammered with the family by 5:00!
2. Having eight people sleep in one heated room is ok, until everyone starts smelling from lack of showers
3. Homeowners insurance will pay if a garage falls on your car.
4. You can bust your car windshield very easily while pounding on it to get 4 inches of ice off.
5. Blood is thicker than water: Family members stick together even if you can't shower.
6. We are still eating better than kings, with everyone's food at one household.
7. You will pay a lot of money for coffee when you can't make it.
8. You can cook anything on a gas grill if you have to eat all your meals off it.
9. GAMES...we have played so many games that we know Balderdash by heart!
10. The grocery store will still be open even if they are out of power (it is weird checking out in the dark, and keeping your own tabs)
11. Your hair actually hurts because it is that dirty.....
12. You haven't worn make up in weeks or for that matter even changed clothes. You just keep putting more on.
13. Always carry a chainsaw with you, incase you have to cut your way down the street.
14. You will stand in line for 4 HOURS waiting on a generator.
We will never forget the memories of ice storm 09!


Lindsey said...

Aww friend!!! Poor thing!

Mika said...

I feel ya. I lost power on Tuesday at 2:30pm...still no power as we speak (Friday 10:39am). I gave up yesterday and came up to Festus where my sister lives in a house with power and running water :) Stay warm and hopefully we will get power soon!!

Kim & Ryan said...

Oh my gosh.... lots of good vibes coming your way. We lost power for a few weeks, but it was over the summer so it was completely different. Our worries were keeping our food cold and stopping the massive dripping of sweat.

Good luck!

Jennifer said...

We went through the same thing in 98 so I totally understand!! I hope you get your power back ASAP!!

Michele said...

Great list! Love it!