Friday, January 9, 2009 this a word?

My blogging has been slim, I am guessing my life has been boring lately. Here are a few randoms:
1. My house is still not clean but it doesn't show any signs of Christmas still lurking around. I am living by the moto " Enjoy life, clean later"!
2. My husband has butchered Hogs the last two weekends ( yes we raised pigs this year to see what it was like) and this weekend he is at it again.
3. With the husband busy this leaves girl time for me. My mom and all my aunts will get together tonight to gossip over coffee. We are so tight nit that we still do this a lot!
4. My budget has started. I will spend no more money on anything I don't need until Spring rolls around!!! ( I am trying people)
5. We have a wedding on Saturday and I just love weddings!!! Great food, drinks and good friends! I haven't hung out with my BFF in so long we need this!
6. I am missing my niece and nephews like crazy!!! A week without seeing them is so few, I will be visiting probally tomorrow!
7. Next weekend Nate and I will keep my nephew Cooper (5 months) all weekend. We enjoy our practice and spending time with him, he is a great age!
8. I want to take a trip to Louisiana very soon to visit my dad and brothers. I am thinking a March trip will be perfect! (thats a soon as I can)
9. The Colts Football season is over (as well as the husband's team The Dolphins), so Sunday football is a thing of the past till next year!!! I haven't been able to talk about the Colts losing until now b/c I was so upset.
10. This full week of work is killing me, I am used to time off! But its Friday and looking forward to the weekend
11. I need my car serviced so bad, it is very neglected on the oil changes lately!
12. Last but not least.....All the new shows have started back up and tonight the finally of "Lipstick Jungle" tune in if u can, I will recording it!
Have a great weekend!


Lindsey said...

YAY I love this post!!! This full week is killing me too, bring on the weekend!

Taryn said...

I am excited for Lipstick Jungle too! hurray for new shows.

Mika said...

uuuhh hmmm... shouldn't you be following me if I'm following you? =)