Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quick update

Remeber my blog on Vicks, well I tried it and I found great results!!!! It wasn't a miracle work or anything but I for sure felt better in the morning. Now there are a couple tricks. I rubbed the vicks on my feet and put socks over the vicks. I am a little OCD so I had to take my mind off the nasty vicks on my feet or I couldnt' sleep, but once I was asleep I was fine. My other trick was I didn't stop with my feet, I was determined to feel great in the morning so I put some on my chest also. So, I can't really proof the vicks worked from just putting in on my feet but I can tell you if your head feels like a balloon and your nose a leaky water hose, resort back to our mom's old tricks and try the Vick's action. (this should be there new slogan)

P.S. I have also heard way too many good things about The NetiPot product, so next time I am trying it also


Jenny.Lee said...

Glad you're feeling better!

April said...

I thought of you and that post the other night because I could not go to sleep for anything due to coughing so I got up and went to the bathroom and put that on my feet with socks, then back to thing I knew it was morning!!! I was soo happy because I had layed there for 30 minutes coughing before I thought to go do that and the bad thing is, I do this ALL THE TIME for Kacie so I felt like an idiot the next morning when my throat hurt from coughing so much~! I cant stand the taste of cough medicine and neither can Kacie so this is a good alternative for us.