Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome 2009

It was so hard to head to work this morning knowing all my holiday time is over! But, I have a great feeling about 2009 and can't wait to get going. I am back in the neck of things and starting this Monday off with a smile because that is how I want to approach 2009. I am always making resolutions and never keeping them...ever, so I am trying to something different I have seen on a couple of other blogs. If I don't call them resolutions maybe I will do them more? Its a thought?
* to eat better (not diet) I am talking about myself cooking better meals, making better decisions for my health and my husbands. I am not, no, no! I am just going to make better choices! Try to cook more..all these food things in catogeory! I mean I could eat McD's at every meal...
*To wake up every morning with time to spare! I am always hitting my alarm clock to sleep till the last minute then that puts me in a rush! I am spilling coffee,throwing make-up, brushes and hairspray sometimes aren't even used! I want time to sip my coffee and maybe even through in a load of laundrey.
*Get a cleaning routine and keep it! I always say a little cleaning every night but I end up rushing around and doing it all in one night and wearing myself down!
*READ more...I have always loved to read but lately I am flipping channels at night instead of picking up that book
*take my vitamins! I need them...I am low on iron, but never remember!
*Take care of my car better, I know it see's neglected all the time. I need to keep it cleaner!
*Try to just smile more and not sweat the small stuff, I am a worry wort and need to just relax and enjoy life right now b/c mine is great!
These are just a couple goals I have set. Nothing too hard about these at all. ( we will see)I just have to change a couple of my routines to make them work!
I will let you know how it all works out....I will try to update on my goals every friday!
Am I the only one who doesn't have their house in complete order after Christmas?? Seriously all my decor should be down by today, but maybe I am just a little slow?


Lindsey said...

Great resolutions!

April said...

I got all my decorations down yesterday and now my house seems so empty!! :( I took some down on Saturday but didnt get to finish it til yesterday. I normally take it all down on New Years Day but this year didnt plan out as good as I wanted it too so it got pushed off. Oh well, its done! I am kinda upset and kinda happy that it is all over with.....I'M ALL CONFUSED! ha

**Oh and that toy you were wondering about was a Hannah MOntana microphone with an amp and audience backround! SHE LOVES IT!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Good "goals"! I need to remember to take my vitamins too! I'm so bad about it.

Janelle said...

I too, still have a completely decorated house as of, um, right now. I think "goals" are the way to go. Life-style alterations. Perfect!

Jennifer said...

Thats a great list of goals!!

Kim & Ryan said...

Great great great goals.

Good luck!