Monday, August 25, 2008

1 yr. Ann

I found the dress yesterday...It was a big $25.00 at Macy's!!!! I got it for a steal! I plan on keeping it a suprise until my one year anniversary! Nathan loves black and he loves short so I think this will work.

This is NOT the exact dress at all. It is similar though. Mine has short sleeves and the sleeves, collar and bottom of the dress are trimmed in black silk ( yes sexy). I didn't want anything real fancy but maybe something I could break out again. It is made like the shirt dresses with buttons all the way down and a belt, but it much sexier! I feel in love with it and when I saw the price I thought it would be perfect for a dinner date! I am searching for paton black heels to wear with it? Any suggestions?

Oh and Plans for our one year....we are thinking VEGAS!!!!! Nothing is finalized at all, just ideas we were working on :)

And I still have no gift....any ideas for those who have had their one year?

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Michele said...

I got my husband a limited edition collectible beer stein from Germany. He loved it. Since then, I have added a few more to his collection.