Saturday, August 2, 2008

I have a problem....

This is why I get nothing done....ever!!!! During the summer I tend to not worry about my house as much, the laundrey or anything else for that matter. Nate and I have always had a way with words. When we get home from work we set outside (sometimes all night) and discuss our days, our worried, our fear, our happiness, just whatever is on our minds at the time usually always with a beer. We have always done this and people tell us this is the key to a great marriage....COMMUNICATION! Often I will run in after work get things done that I have to have done and then we set outside, socking up our view, enjoying a cold drink and enjoying each others company. My mom always told me that she never wanted her kids to remember how clean our house was but to remember the fun times we made in our house ( making tents outta of blankets, baking, etc). My house was always clean dont' get me wrong, but she didnt' swee the small things. WE lived in our house. I hope to do the same with my kids one day. My house is always clean now but its just two of us living there. I hope when we have kids I can control my OCD and just worry about living in our house!
Kinda got off subject, but back to the Bud Light Lime. My eveings are spent talkign to my husband, playing with our dog, swimming and my new addiction Bud Light Lime. To me these are the important things in life and the things that will matter when we look back! I know I blog about my organization and how much I accomplish during a week but I thought it was time to blog about what I didn't do...and why I didn't do. The stuff you didin't do is when you are making the memories. So take a break with me...don't pay bills tonight, let the laundrey lay for one more day, the dust will be there tomorrow and take a seat, talk to your husbands, let the kids play and take it all in b/c life moves fast and these are the days we want to remember!!
GO ahead...take a break!!! Then tell me how you liked it??


Nicole said...

When you have kids, your house is never, ever fully clean and organized. The laundry never gets done and dishes appear in the sink like magic. There is not enough time in the day to keep a showroom house AND let the kids play AND try to keep the mountain of dirty clothes from overtaking you.

You'll learn to let go of some things and you won't always feel a constant need to always be cleaning up.

Teisha said...

Thanks for the tidbit of inspiration today. We could all be reminded of this every once in awhile.